Who we are

LenTm comes from house of Kenvault Technologies Pvt Ltd, which derives its name from “Ken”-Knowledge and “vault”-Storage which reflects logically as “Knowledge Storage”, however if we look more deeper; it ensembles that “V” and “U” marked in blue which states that the knowledge is just not stored but knowledge is built and transformed from Kenvault to the end user through cohesive and collaborative software enabled platforms making powerful connections and thereby providing easy and relevant access anywhere, at any time.

Kenvault was founded in 2018 by a small group of four entrepreneurs having more than 20+ years of experience in diverse fields. We are a group of passionate technologists with years of bleeding edge software development experience. Our forte is completely in Product Development & Application Engineering /Re-engineering Services.

About LenTM:

LenTM is our flagship product which is launched recently after years of observing industry trends and ensuring it is fully compliant as per regulations.

What is LenTM?

We’re not like any banks, just like you’re not like anyone else.

LenTM is a peer to peer digital platform which connects individuals requiring quick personal loans (Borrowers) and individuals looking to earn by lending money to earn great returns (Investors).

LenTM is an online financial-commercial centre that matches borrowers and investors in a protected and secure environment. We measure better rates and returns through the work of exceptionally propelled strategies to simplify the way lending and borrowing works.

Borrowers are taken through a point by point on boarding process that includes evaluating their reliability and credit-worthiness which helps investors with an informed choice on lending to a specific borrower profile. Investors experience a straightforward check process before they can begin lending on the stage. The whole procedure is digitized, utilizing innovation to bring down the costs involved in the whole cycle of borrowing and investing.

In the age of lightning speed downloads, faster access to services, it is natural similar demand arises in investing and borrowing space. LenTM was born to fulfil the untapped potential with its unique features backed by cutting edge technology.

LenTM Uniqueness:

Faster borrower and investor verification

Cutting-edge analytics to curate borrowers and present to investors

Unique wallet facility for speedy disbursal of funds from Investors to Borrowers

Auto invest and user-friendly dashboards

Customer support with dedicated portfolio managers

Integrated post disbursal services like, collection, pre-closure, credit bureau reporting, etc

Why choose LenTM?

Traditional banks don’t often take a human-centric approach

Tedious and time-consuming process of applying for a loan from bank.

Meagre interest rates offered for depositors’ leaves much to be desired.

Creating a marketplace through LenTM offering alternatives for efficient deployment of capital at attractive rates for lenders while providing loans at competitive interest rate for borrowers

Providing alternative ways to lend and borrow for millennials to meet their instantaneous expectations

How LenTM Works?

Investors and Borrowers registers on platform and offline KYC completed

Borrowers profiles are curated using unique LenTM analytics and presented to Investors

Matched borrower profiles are presented to the Investors with an option to auto invest based on set criteria by Investors

Using unique LenTM methodology, borrowers and investors matching is done

Digitized agreements signed by parties and hosted in respective dashboard

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