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LenTM a Platform which is made easy to fund your future.
LenTM investors have access to a wide range of borrowers with varied risk profiles, giving an opportunity to create a new fixed income asset class by investing in diverse funding requirements and potential to earn high ROIs.


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Put your money, where your heart is

Experience the opportunity to earn high returns by investing money online to verified borrowers which often exceed the returns made on other investment avenues such as savings accounts, fixed deposits, corporate bonds etc.
Hand Picked Borrowers
LenTM proprietary credit algorithm considers multiple parameters possible to get you access to verified borrowers.
Secure Platform
LenTM executes loan agreements, post-dated cheques and demand promissory note ensuring documentation is complete and legally bounded. Investments are also split into multiple loans at the click of a button which helps you optimise risk and return, and all these features are deployed using latest security technology.
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Regular Monthly returns
Investments in LenTM allows you to receive monthly returns, which can be credited directly into your registered bank account and Investor can also choose to re-invest returns in new loans.
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Auto invest feature
Experience the Auto invest feature that allows you to relax and invest whenever wherever you are and help you for the wider geographical reach than what you choose manually for your investment strategy.
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Robust LenTM platform

Easy and user-friendly environment that allows you to register within few click and a flip of a second.
Select the borrowers
LenTM fills this gap by offering a new fixed income asset class which is safe and secure and offers high rate ROIs as possible. One can manually select the process or Relax back and let our auto invest feature work for you to do the rest.
Earn interest
Earn Great Interest rates without the need to go through a financial intermediary such as a bank or any other financial institution. It is an exciting new way and a very efficient model.

Questions? We have answers

How many days it will take to have my profile activated?
It will take maximum of three days to have your profile listed once offline verification of the credentials given are completed.
When can I start investing on the platform?
After registration you can browse through Borrower profiles to understand the system. Investment starts when your profile is active and will be assisted by our dedicated portfolio manager who can help you in building your portfolio and answer all your queries.
Can I change my Bank account details?
Yes, bank account can be changed with prior intimation along with all the relevant proofs and a lead time of seven days it takes to reflect in the system.
How do I get notified about the monthly EMIs received?
User friendly Investor Dashboard will always give picture of EMIs due, what has been received and the one that are outstanding and apart from this timely intimation will be given via SMS/WhatsApp/Email mode and you can always reach to your dedicated portfolio manager for any queries.
What happens if borrowers’ default?
If borrower's default beyond 60 days, the loan is placed for collection and best efforts will be made to recover the loan at the earliest and disburse funds received from the borrower to respective investors based on their share of holding.
Are there any limitations on the amount to invest?
Yes, there are two limitations: a. you cannot invest beyond 50K to any dedicated borrower and b. you cannot lend more than fifty lakhs across all P2P platforms (as per recent RBI update)

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